If you are hosting an event on a budget, that doesn't mean that your event should be lacking. Even while pinching pennies, you can host an amazing, catered event. If you are trying to figure out how to get your even catered without breaking your budget, here is a penny-pincher's guide to event catering.

Control the length of your event

You have to pay for any hired help for the duration of your event; therefore, you need to control the length of your event to match your budget. Plan your event carefully so you know exactly how long it is going to be. If you can only afford two to three hours, you may want to skip food and have catered drinks. If you have some budget left over, you can hire a band to play so the atmosphere is energetic, and it doesn't seem skimpy. If you can do a 4-5 hour event, you can have dinner and dessert catered. When the event is over, give a speech thanking everyone for coming. If anyone hangs around a little longer, they'll know that the staff is dismissed at that point.

Reduce labor costs

You can reduce your labor costs by not hiring so many people to staff your event. There are things that you and even your guests can do yourselves. For example, you can hire a catering company to cater your event without waiters. They will set up a table full of food for your guests, and they can help themselves to whatever they want. This has its advantages. People can grab only food that they want to eat, and they'll enjoy the mingling atmosphere. You will also only have to pay for the food and the cost of delivering and setting it up.

Get restaurant participation

Another way to provide catering at a low cost is to enlist restaurants that are looking for promotional opportunities. Restaurants will generally cater events for free, minus the cost of the food. The restaurants will do it with no other charges because they are looking for ways to promote themselves. You can have several restaurants come to the event and each bring one specialty item from their menu.

Hire a local, family restaurant

A local, family owned restaurant might be happy to cater your event. With up-scale restaurants in the area, you are paying for the name and the reputation. With a family restaurant, you will be paying for the food, and a modest fee for the work. It will be a good look for a casual, summer party as well. If you don't want your guests to go fancy, you shouldn't have the meals too fancy either. If you do want it fancy, the family restaurant will still work well. You can just ask that they dress up, and choose your menu options wisely.

Opt for less-expensive dishes

Instead of purchasing expensive cuts of meat for all of your guests, opt for less-expensive meats. Just because you don't choose filet mignon, doesn't mean the food is bad quality. You can dress up your dishes by choosing a unique menu that makes fresh, farm vegetables the star. You can do chicken with bleu cheese stuffed figs and amazing salad options.

Vendor cards for reduced rates

Another option for less-expensive catering is to choose to display vendor cards for reduced rates. Ask the catering company, and any other company you use for your event, if you can display their vendor cards to have reduced rates for your services. If your guests include wealthy people or others who are likely to obtain their services, they will be more apt to go for it.

Having an event catered doesn't mean that you have to break your budget. If you want to host a wonderful event on a budget, follow these tips to save tons of money.

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