If you are hosting a party on the weekend, you may want to think about making some simple mimosas and margaritas for your guests. Some essentials that will make your drinks taste better include fresh orange juice, margarita mix (that has natural flavors), and good tequila. There are also some restaurants that offer specials for margaritas and mimosas on the weekends. The following guide will help you make sure that your restaurant is using the right ingredients for its drinks.

Garden Fresh Fruits and Herbs

Fresh herbs add vibrant flavor to your cocktails, and they're an excellent way to use up the end-of-summer produce. You can use basil, mint, rosemary, or any other herb that complements your drink. If you're feeling adventurous, try adding lavender or tarragon for a different taste experience.

A Livening Salty Twist

Salt can be used to give a margarita or mimosa a unique flavor and texture. Here are some ideas:

  • Sea salt: Use sea salt instead of regular table salt, and you'll give your drink an extra boost of flavor and aroma. The coarse texture also adds a delicious crunch when you take a sip.
  • Salt rimming: This is one of the easiest ways you can add a little extra flair to your cocktail — just rim the glass with salt before pouring in your drink (or after). You can either dip the rim into coarse or flaked salt or sprinkle it directly onto the glass using a shaker filled with rock salt.
  • Salt infusion: Another way to use salt in your margaritas and mimosas is by infusing it into the liquid itself by steeping it in tequila or orange juice overnight. The next day, strain out any unwanted bits and pour over ice cubes before serving with fresh fruit wedges and mint sprigs for garnish.

Salty is one of those flavors that can make all the difference in a cocktail. 

Fruits and Juices

When it comes to making alcoholic beverages with fresh ingredients, there's no better choice than fresh fruits. Whether you're serving up a pitcher of margaritas or mimosas at brunch or creating a signature house cocktail for happy hour, fresh fruit will make your drinks taste much better than anything out of a bottle or can. In addition, freshly squeezed fruits give drinks a fresh taste. 

Spices and Other Ingredients

There are also some other ingredients that you can use to make your cocktails more flavorful. Here are just a few of them:

  • Cinnamon
  • Chile powder
  • Grenadine syrup
  • Liqueurs

These special ingredients can give cocktails a unique taste and characteristics that are unlike anything else. 

Little details matter when it comes to great-tasting drinks! Visit a restaurant that serves weekend margarita specials for an adventurous outing and refreshing drinks.