In many places, low-income children depend on eating at school in order to get their meals. During the summer months, some of these kids might not get as much food as they are supposed to get each day. Starting a summer food program that offers food to students in the community when school is out of session can be a good way to help ensure that the children in your area are getting plenty to eat. These are a few tips that can help you operate a more successful food service programs.

1. Make Sure It's Easily Accessible

First of all, you'll want to make sure that the program is easily accessible. For example, many families do not have cars or enough gas money to take their children to pick up food from one of these programs. Ensuring that there are multiple locations in your city and that they are all easily accessible by those who are walking or taking public transportation can help ensure that as many people are reached as possible.

2. Offer Food That Kids Like

Even if they are hungry, some kids are picky and might not eat if they don't like what is being prepared. When choosing a menu for the summer food program, you'll want to ensure that it's healthy and that it offers plenty of nutrients, but you'll also want to choose foods that kids actually like as well. Offering a selection of foods for kids to choose from can be a good way to ensure that even the picky eaters are able to find something that they like and will eat.

3. Open it Up to Everyone

Some families might bring in a good income but, for some reason or another, might not have enough money left over to buy groceries for their kids. Others might not have filled out the paperwork with the Department of Social Services in order to qualify for help. Instead of requiring certain documentation or an approval process, if you'd like to reach as many children who need food as possible, you may find that it's better off to open up the program to anyone, with no questions asked. This can help ensure that you aren't turning any kids away who don't have anything at home to eat.

A summer food program can be a good way to ensure that the kids in your community are still getting something to eat, even though school is out for the summer. If you follow these three tips, you can help ensure that the program is as successful as possible.