If you're planning a business meeting that lasts more than a few hours, you'll want some form of catering. After all, people attending these meetings need energy to pay attention to everything being said. Thanks to these catering tips, you can host these meetings like a pro.

Manage Portions

You want everyone in attendance to eat a nice meal, but you don't want to serve them so much food that they become fatigued and uninterested. Find the right balance by managing portions from the very start. Generally, it's best to offer one choice of meat, such as chicken or steak, and up to two sides. The variety helps guests choose something they like, but they won't get as full like they would with a food cart of buffet. 

You might even consider skipping a full meal and going directly to appetizers and other small dishes. Shrimp cocktails, for example, are tasteful entrees that look beautiful when properly displayed. Cheese and cracker platters are also ideal if you want to keep meals light. 

Hire a Small Staff

Catering an event sometimes requires help from others, as you can't do everything alone. Hiring a small staff ensures details are sorted out well in advance, such as what plates are being used and where certain guests are sitting. They can also serve food and refill beverages, much like a five-star restaurant. 

If any problems arise during the catered event, the staff can tackle them head on without anyone knowing it. Such a clandestine approach helps keep conversations flowing and the mood light. Great customer service is also offered to enhance this overall experience for everyone. 

Create a Realistic Budget

These business events are supposed to be grand, bot not so much so where you spend a fortune. Saving on costs is possible if you create a realistic budget. You need to know how many people are attending and what entree and beverage they prefer. Once you have this information, you can come up with an accurate cost per serving.

You'll also want to take into account the costs of equipment, servers, dishware, and possible venue expenses. Don't be afraid to stretch the budget slightly, either, in case more guests show up or want more food.

Business meetings can be pivotal for developing new relationships with other organizations and clients. Ensure they are a success by working out the catering details in advance. Guests will leave happy, with a whole new appreciation for your company. Contact a caterer, like Pharmaceutical Lunch Specialist, for more help.