Unfit employees who consume and drink unhealthy products may not be as productive as you would like. One way to increase your staff members' performance is by implementing a water delivery service into a new fitness plan that your workers can take advantage of. 

Order a Dispenser and Individual Jugs

Soft drinks, coffee, and some juices are laden with sugar, caffeine, and artificial ingredients. People often choose to drink beverages like this because they enjoy the sudden rush that they experience after pumping their body full of sweeteners and caffeine. Unfortunately, these types of drinks cause people to crash quite quickly, soon after unhealthy beverages are consumed.

Fresh spring water is a beverage that is essential and that doesn't contain any harmful ingredients. A water delivery service can provide water dispensers. If you have several offices in your business, purchase a dispenser for each one. Large jugs of water can be ordered from the same delivery service and each one can be added to one of the dispensers.

When your employees see the dispensers throughout each day, they will each be encouraged to fill a cup with water whenever they are thirsty. Some water delivery businesses exchange water jugs as needed. If you would like to take advantage of this service, specify how many water jugs will need to be replaced and provide a timeframe for the replacements.

Purchase Bottles of Water

Your employees may appreciate having access to cold bottled water whenever they are going to be taking breaks or eating lunch. Purchase several cases of water and store the bottles in the company's refrigerator. The bottled water will also come in handy on days that your staff members are spending time outdoors, enjoying the weather during a break. Instead of needing to refill small cups with water that is in one of the jugs, they can grab a bottle of water and head outside. 

Tell Your Employees about the Fitness Plan

After purchasing water dispensers, jugs, and bottles, let your employees know about your intentions to promote fitness. This can be performed during a routine staff meeting.

Some ways to assist with your plans are by offering discounted memberships to a local gym, awarding your staff with personalized water bottles that can be used to hold cold spring water, and hosting impromptu luncheons or barbecues at various times throughout the year that involve preparing and serving healthy foods and beverages for your staff members and their loved ones to enjoy.