Are you the office manager at your corporation? Or, it might be that you have another very important title. No matter the title, are you in charge of planning the food at your corporation's next executive meeting? 

You might be very comfortable with planning the meals for the next executive meeting. If so, you will more than likely rely on your past experiences. Or, it could be that this is the first time you've been given the responsibility of feeding those who will be attending the meeting. No matter the scenario, from planning the foods to arranging for catering delivery service, here are some ideas that might help you.

Plan The Foods That Will Be Served - Will you be in charge of arranging for three meals plus snacks for the corporate event? If so, think of writing down different ideas and then making your selections from the list you make.

For example, if the attendees will be starting early, you'll obviously need to think of a breakfast menu. Write down things like yogurt cups, assorted fruits, breakfast tacos, assorted muffins, pancakes, sausage, and bacon. When the list is complete, make your menu out using the foods you listed. You might decide that something like pancakes and bacon would be too cumbersome to serve, especially in a short amount of time. Maybe you'll go with pre-wrapped breakfast burritos and a piece of fruit that will be simple to serve.

When you consider what will be served at lunch, think of something like pizza delivery. After all, don't most people love pizza? Choose basic cheese or pepperoni pizzas and a wrapped cookie or brownie for dessert. 

Catering Delivery Service - Just as you used a delivery service for breakfast and lunch, the same company will more than likely also be happy to cater the last meal of the day. Think of serving an elegant seated dinner for the evening meal. This will more than likely be when the meeting wraps up, and you want to leave a good impression with the meal. 

Consider offering two main entrees. For example, grilled salmon and petite filet mignons are just two good selections. Sides like asparagus, wild rice, and a Caesar salad would be good additions. Go with a decadent dessert. For example, a chocolate lava cake or an assortment of cheesecakes would probably be very well received. 

No matter what you decide for the meal selections, the corporate food delivery service will certainly simplify your life. Besides the food being delivered, you can be assured that it will be served in style and that the caterers will clean up at the end of the day.