Italian bread is often associated with dinner meals like spaghetti or lasagna, but the bread has a lot of diverse uses for other meals of the day like breakfast. As you plan out breakfast meals you want to make, consider multiple ways to use Italian bread, and create some unique offerings in the morning.

1. Breakfast Sandwiches

The thick crust and durability of Italian bread make it an ideal option for loaded breakfast sandwiches. You can lightly toast two slices of Italian bread and then pile on eggs, sausage, cheese, and other toppings to create a savory dish. The Italian bread will soak up flavors and greases, creating a soft and delicious flavor each time you bite the sandwich.

For a breakfast sandwich that is easier to grab and will not fall apart, consider purchasing a loaf of ciabatta. The hard edges of ciabatta will create a stronger sandwich, and the crust will have a smooth texture.

2. Egg-In-A-Hole

A simple and classic breakfast option made with Italian bread is known as Egg-In-A-Hole. The breakfast food includes a single slice of Italian bread that has a hole cut in the middle. With the bread buttered on both sides, you place the slice on a pan and then crack an egg into the center hole.

Once the egg fully cooks, you lift the bread off the pan and enjoy the meal. You can add extra toppings like bacon or cheese as well. When you go to eat the egg, you will crack the yolk, and the bread will soak up a lot of the yolk.

3. French Toast

Mix the world of Italian bread with a classic French Toast recipe. The freshness of Italian bread blends nicely with French toast ingredients like vanilla extract, cinnamon, and eggs. When you cut Italian bread into thick slices, the French toast will come out better and soak up the syrup well when done cooking.

You can also use Italian bread for many forms of French toast bakes. With a bake, you tear the Italian bread into small chunks and add in other ingredients like sausage or ham.

4. Fancy Jams

If you are in the mood for a quick breakfast, then a slice of Italian bread can provide the ideal canvas for some jams or jellies you have. Lightly toast a slice and then add on your favorite jam. Besides traditional grape jelly, you can try out different fruits like apricots or raspberries.

Once you start using Italian bread for your breakfast, you will find many new ways to explore the delicious food.