Serving a sit-down meal at your next event is an excellent way to offer attendees a high-class experience. Full-service catering will provide all the refreshments that you need to host a successful event. From cocktails to appetizers, entrees to desserts, a private event catering company will ensure that you have everything you need. Here are four things you can expect from a catering company:

1. Attentive Waitstaff

Being served a delicious meal is a unique pleasure. Full-service catering companies employ attentive waiters who will serve every course of the meal in a timely manner. Waiters will bring your guests appetizers, salads, entrees, and desserts. They will also replenish the guests' beverages as needed. Waitstaff can ensure that guests are able to stay seated and focused on enjoying their meals, which can cut down on foot traffic and confusion. 

2. Skilled Chefs

Chefs have one of the most important jobs at any foodservice establishment. Chefs plan and execute extraordinary menus for diners' delight. When you hire a full-service catering company to cater your event, you'll have the opportunity to take advantage of an experienced chef's expertise. Catering chefs can design a menu to your specifications, taking any dietary restrictions and special requests into account. Some catering companies even have specialties, like a local farm-to-table focus.

3. Knowledgeable Bartenders

Beer, wine, and cocktails can provide the social lubrication necessary to make any event a success. Full-service catering includes bartending services. Bartenders can pour glasses of wine and champagne for your guests. They can also provide beer upon request. Best of all, bartenders can make a plethora of cocktails. Full-service catering teams feature knowledgeable bartenders who can create classic drinks using whiskey, vodka, tequila, and gin. Your guests can request their favorite cocktails and make themselves at home during your event. As the event organizer, you'll have the opportunity to offer an open bar or a cash bar, depending on your goals and budget.

4. Thorough Bussers

Bussers are an important component of any culinary team. Bussers do the work of ensuring that empty dishes are cleared away in a timely manner. Bussers will clear diners' place settings in between courses. They'll also take away empty glasses to ensure that the atmosphere of your event remains clean, pleasant, and uncluttered. Competent bussing services can also make event clean-up faster and more efficient. A full-service catering team will include bussers who are discreet, quick, and thorough.

For more information, contact a local private even catering service near you to learn more.